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To first register, you must first set up a profile with Dayton University.
Step One:

Go to website
and click “Log In” in the right hand corner of the page and click “Create a profile”. Click “Agree” to the membership agreement.

Step Two:

Create your username and password (when creating your username it must be exactly 6 characters in length, the same applies for your password).
Then insert all of your personal information that is required.

Step Three:

Ensure you select the
“Diocese of Hamilton” CANADA as your Diocese, and then you can input your personal parish information. Once your profile has been completed then Log in to the system.

Dayton Application Form

(For general courses of interest – any courses outside of the
Youth Ministry Certification Program.)

Course Registration

Once you log in you can upload a photo to your profile, register for your courses, view your courses, change your password and view past courses.
Registering for a Selected Online Course:
  1. Log in to your VLCFF Online Profile

  2. Under the “My Profile” heading, click on “Register for a Course

  3. Choose your course of interest by clicking the blue “Register” button to the right of the course code.

  4. You will be redirected to the “Payment Code” page. Unless given a complimentary code for your course of study, simply leave the box blank and click “Next."

  5. You will be redirected to the “Diocesan Partners” page. Use the drop down boxes to select your Diocesan Partner: “Diocese of Hamilton (Canada)”. This is the selection that will give you a price break on your course registration fee. Once you have made your selection of Diocese, click “Next.”

  6. Confirm all details of your registration and choose whether you would like a score rubric for your coursework. Please note, all those enrolled in certification must indicate “Yes."

  7. If all details look correct, click “Confirm." To go back and adjust your registration, click “Cancel."

  8. If confirmed, you will be given the option to print your registration confirmation as well as choose your method of payment. To pay by credit card, choose “Pay Now”, otherwise, payments can be deferred by selecting “Pay Later." Please note, certificates of completion for all courses will not be issued until payment is made.

  9. If registration is successful you should receive an email of confirmation shortly.

Cancelling Course Registration:
  1. Log in to your VLCFF Online Profile

  2. If courses have not yet started, scroll down on your profile page to “My Future Courses” and click the red “Cancel” button beside the course you wish to withdraw.

  3. If courses have already begun and you wish to un-enroll, scroll down on your profile page to “My Current Courses” and click the red “Cancel” button beside the course you wish to withdraw.

  4. A confirmation email of your cancellation should be sent to you shortly.

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