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Program Overview

See below for a program overview for the Catechist Formation Program. This is a year-long virtual experience of learning and fellowship.

  • Survey of Catholic Doctrine
    This course will look at some of the major doctrines of the Catholic Church. Participants will come to a better understanding of the Trinity, original sin, church, salvation history, and the communion of saints. Participants will be asked to identify the meaning of magisterium, ecumenism, eschatology, and other Catholic terms.
  • Directory of Catechesis (5-week)
    The Directory for Catechesis, presented to the universal Church on June 24, 2020, was developed to address the current needs of catechesis such as the globalization of culture, the rise of a digital culture, the need for the “way of beauty” in catechesis, and other pastoral needs and opportunities for catechesis. This e-course will explore those issues as well as practical guidelines for catechesis within the work of evangelization. The e-course is recommended for all involved in formal religious education.
  • Jesus the Master Catechist
    Description coming soon.
  • Introduction to Sacraments of Initiation
    The sacraments of initiation draw us deeply into Christ's life and life within the Christian community, and through them we are sent out in mission in Christ's name. This course will provide a foundational study and reflection on the history and theology of these key sacramental moments.
  • Pastoral Approach to Ministry
    Description coming soon.
  • Faith and Human Development
    This course provides an introduction to the stage theories of human development and spiritual growth. Participants will explore the maturation of human beings from a holistic perspective. The works of Fowler, Erikson, Kohlberg, Gilligan, Piaget and others will provide the foundation for examining the psychological, physical, and spiritual growth over the course of a human's lifetime. Particular attention will also be given to family systems theory to provide the wider context shaping the faith development of human persons. Finally, these theories will be applied to the particular age cohort of the student in effort to promote self-understanding.
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