Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our Diocesan Online Certification in Youth Ministry Studies. 


We are pleased to offer this certification in partnership with the University of Dayton and their Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation. This certification has been developed with the desire to equip youth ministers with the confidence and capacity they require to adequately accompany young people and their families in their journey of faith. We are excited to engage in this new adventure in adult faith formation, one that will motivate peer led learning and dialogue that will only serve to enhance our praxis of ministry in parishes and schools. 


Please take the time to review all the information on this webpage along with all necessary registration materials.

If you have any questions that you would like to discuss, feel free to contact the Diocesan Office of Youth Ministry at (905) 528-7988 x 2245 or


Who should participate?

Anyone who is working or hoping to work alongside young people with in a Catholic setting.

  • Youth Ministers
  • Youth Ministry volunteers
  • Chaplaincy leaders
  • Teachers
  • Deacons
  • Religious
  • Priests

What do online courses look like?

During the certification program seven of the nine online courses are arranged so that only individuals from the Diocese of Hamilton participate in the course. This is to ensure that the conversations and sharing can be intentional and diocesan specific. Participants will have course readings, discussion boards and assignments which will help them unpack the content.

What is required of me as a participant?

Each student is required to actively participate and engage in course readings, discussions, assignments and content. Each student is marked based on their engagement, comprehension and time management. Courses are not designed to test knowledge, but to dive deeper and explore specific areas of ministry. Participants who wish to complete the certification program are required to participate as a graded participant. For more information and details regarding the assessment process please see Dayton’s full participant guidelines.

What is an Enrichment Learner?

If you feel that you are not able to commit to a full two year program at this time, you are welcome to participate as an enrichment learner. Enrichment learns can engage in a course as a graded or non-graded participant. You can select which course(s) you are interested in taking when they are offered through the program. A full course calendar will be provided ahead of time to ensure you know when each course is being offered.

Why certify?

The Diocesan Certification in Youth Ministry Studies provides a current and comprehensive look at the landscape of Catholic Youth Ministry. We invite all those who minister with young people to build capacity and confidence in their roles as leaders in ministry. In community with other youth ministers across the Diocese, the certification process will also build a spirit of fellowship and prayerful support of our brothers and sisters working in the fields. All veteran, new and discerning youth ministers are welcome.