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This online learning opportunity is the fruit of a partnership that we have entered into with the University of Dayton and their Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation.

There are numerous courses available throughout the year, along with our 2-year program, Certification in Youth Ministry Studies. Upcoming courses are found below. 



The Diocese of Hamilton is proud to offer a new adult learning opportunity.

To Inform, Encourage and Heal is a four-week online seminar in which you will have opportunity to engage meaningfully in the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Both reflection and practical application of learning will be high priorities over the four weeks seminar.


Looking for ways to strengthen your mind and spirit in service of a Post-Pandemic Church

Take a look at these wonderful course offerings from Dayton University.

This next Cycle runs from April 25 – May 15, 2022 – Registration opens March 9!

Church Aisles

Catholic Beliefs
Course Level – Basic

A clear understanding of our central belief system is essential for any Catholic. This course will enable the student to appreciate the function of doctrine and the process of theology through which doctrines develop in the Roman Catholic Tradition.


In addition, students will develop the skills to articulate personal beliefs, explain the role and function of faith in theology, and describe the role of the catechist in passing on the tradition.


Introduction to Prayer
Course Level – Intermediate

"Prayer is our means of taking a sighting, of re-orienting ourselves – by re-establishing contact with our goal. In the presence of God many components of our life fall into perspective and our journey makes more sense. Prayer is inseparable from living" (Casey, p.5).


This course explores prayer as essential to our lives as Christian people, as individuals and within our community of faith. Through this course, students will explore the qualities, forms and expressions of prayer that help to form and sustain our lives as Catholic Christians.

Hebrew Writings

Images of Jesus
Course Level – Basic

Note: You may wish to take Introduction to Scripture before participating in this course.

Through this course the participant will have the opportunity to examine, from a variety of theological perspectives, what we know and believe about the central figure of the Christian faith and arguably the most influential person who ever walked the earth. After looking at many different resources, the student will be able to form a personal answer to "Who do you say that I am?"


Youth Ministry Certificate Program
A two-year program

Now accepting applications!

This certification has been developed with the desire to equip youth ministers with the confidence and capacity they require to adequately accompany young people and their families in their journey of faith.