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Welcome to the Diocese of Hamilton
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This online learning opportunity is the fruit of a partnership that we have entered into with the University of Dayton and their Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation.

There are numerous courses available throughout the year, along with our 2-year program, Certification in Youth Ministry Studies. Upcoming courses are found below. 

Nicole McCowell - Diocesan Certification in YM Studies
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The Diocese of Hamilton is pleased to offer a catechist formation program. This program is open to Pastor recommended candidates.

Topics covered include the New Directory for Catechesis, the relationship between evangelization and catechesis, and sacramental preparation.


To Inform, Encourage and Heal is a four-week online seminar in which you will have opportunity to engage meaningfully in the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Both reflection and practical application of learning will be high priorities over the four weeks seminar.


Registration Opens - October 18, 2023. Courses run January 15 to February 18, 2024.


Catholic Beliefs
Course Level – Basic

A clear understanding of our central belief system is essential for any Catholic. This course will enable the student to appreciate the function of doctrine and the process of theology through which doctrines develop in the Roman Catholic Tradition.


In addition, students will develop the skills to articulate personal beliefs, explain the role and function of faith in theology, and describe the role of the catechist in passing on the tradition.

Church Aisles

Introduction to Liturgy
Course Level – Intermediate

As central to the life of the Christian person, liturgy engages the heart, body and soul in praise, thanks and worship of God as Trinity.


In this course, participants will study the ritual and symbolic meaning of liturgy, its structural elements and its importance to Christian worship and life.

Church Aisles

Introduction to Scripture
Course Level – Basic

This course presupposes that an individual has not had a general overview of the bible and is interested in a more academic approach. If you are brand new to studying the bible you may be better to start with the Bible Basics course. The Introduction to Scripture course cannot cover everything one needs to know for navigating into the world of the scriptures but one is given a few basic concepts to begin the journey.


This course will focus how the Bible came about, what were some of the cultural factors which influenced the events around the writing of the Old and New Testaments, and what Church documents today tell us about the Bible. You are about to begin an interesting journey.


Youth Ministry Certificate Program
A two-year program

Now accepting applications!

This certification has been developed with the desire to equip youth ministers with the confidence and capacity they require to adequately accompany young people and their families in their journey of faith. 

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